Peer Group Advantage

Business leaders benefit from the input they receive from a variety of sources, but many of these sources carry the same or similar, thoughts and perspectives regarding the business. Typically, they rely upon input from Board members, Management Teams, Industry Groups, Friends & Family, or Consultants. All of these provide valuable insight, but in some cases, the input is adapted to align with what they believe management wants to hear. No one source is perfect for obtaining critical information on moving the business forward and achieving success but there a couple of sources that have proven to consistently provide honest, direct, and valuable input without the burden of personal or professional affiliation.

Business coaches work with business leaders in a collaborative manner and provide a broad array of knowledge and experience so business leaders can identify their best path to overcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunities. This approach accelerates organizational growth and performance allowing them to meet and exceed business goals on their terms.

Business coaching has been more effective in driving improved company results than virtually any other support approach. Many business owners work with Business coaches to help them stay focused through all the noise and provide a confidential place to hold strategic discussions. Even small businesses and solopreneurs use coaches to supplement their lack of extensive teams.

That being said, business leaders can further enhance this value through active participation in professional peer groups. Active participation in a well facilitated industry diverse peer group or roundtable can exponentially increase the value of inputs and feedback you receive in your business. Peer group roundtable members work with each other to optimize business performance and accelerate each member’s success.

Membership can be designed in a variety of ways, including by position (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.), by industry, or through professional affiliations, etc. All of these contribute value to their members.

For business leaders at the top of an organization (Owners, Presidents, CEO’s, etc.) the most value tends to come from an industry diverse roundtable group. This avoids the “group think” that occurs within industries, or companies, and provides a broad and diverse level of input on the shared challenges these business leaders face every day. Industry diverse peer group members provide different perspectives that expand horizons while challenging and supporting fellow members.

Most business leaders join peer group roundtables because the recognize the shared common challenges of all business leaders, are passionate about success and achieving organizational goals, and appreciate the value that access to diverse knowledge and expertise can bring to their company.

Those that benefit the most from these roundtables are willingly open and honest with their input and they listen for understanding without judgement. They tend to ask, “Why?” and “Why not?” a lot as they converse with fellow members. Most importantly, they embrace the concept of accountability and hold themselves and other members accountable to the group to follow through on the plans they have committed to within the group.

As the group interacts over time it establishes a Reinforcement Cycle of Sharing, Learning, Applying, and Achieving that creates greater and greater value to their individual companies. To be successful the group must function on the basis of Confidentiality, Trust, and Transparency. A peer group roundtable facilitated by a quality business coach adds several quality professionals to your management team and provides the opportunity to significantly accelerate your business success.

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