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Strategic Orientation LLC

Strategic Orientation provides business success services that accelerate the achievement of your version of success. Our Business Success program is customized with a focus on your company Position, Planning, Performance and Potential.

The purpose of your customized program is to ensure that your business and professionals achieve success on their terms. We work with businesses to grow at a level that provides them more time, more money, a better work/life balance, and the business success they deserve.”



Strategic Orientation provides customized engagements designed to assist businesses in achieving priority objectives and goals, and successfully completing project initiatives. These customized services involve collaboration with business owners through a variety of approaches designed to accelerate business performance.

Fractional Executive / Board Support

At Strategic Orientation we partner with companies to provide Fractional Executive Services.  At a fraction of the cost we provide C-Suite experience and expertise to support business owners in overcoming financial challenges, positioning and growing their business, optimizing strategies, providing thought leadership, managing and guiding teams, and the oversight of key functional aspects of their organization.  Board Support includes Board Membership, Training, Strategic Planning, and Specialized Consulting.

Advisory Services

One on One Coaching and/or membership in our Navigational Roundtables provides thought leadership and guidance improving your ability to capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges.  Your company benefits through understanding of, and focus on, business Position, Planning, Performance, and Potential leading to accelerated growth, increased profitability, and effective team dynamics that drive your success.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are provided on a customized project basis where an end objective and the scope of engagement is clearly defined to achieve your company objectives. Previous engagements have included Strategic & Business Planning, Finance & Capital Management, Operational Efficiency, Team Leadership and Growth, Banking Practices and Relationship Management, and Risk Identification, Assessment & Mitigation Strategies.

Strategic Orientation Assessments

Our Business, Financial, Management, and Communication (DISC) Assessment Suite provides powerful analytical tools that yield valuable insights to individual and business performance.

Training & Presentations

Our Navigational Coaching and Business Success Courses have helped individuals and businesses in a variety of industries to maximize performance and dramatically improve results. Keynote Presentations and Customized Workshops are also utilized to the engagement and performance of your team.


Keynote Speaking

Inspire, Motivate, or Educate your staff, clients, or membership with these exciting and valuable presentations that set the stage for improved organizational performance.

at Strategic Orientation

Whether you have a quick question, have no clue where to start, or want to schedule a quick informational meeting, connect with me here and we’ll get something scheduled.

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