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COVID-19: Re-Think / Re-Plan – Market, People, & Capital


As your business has adapted to the COVID-19 environment, things have changed. Now you must Re-Think & Re-Plan the future of your business. Your success is determined by how well you manage the three critical success factors of your Market, your People, and your Capital. This free Webinar will provide the framework for doing just that. Don’t miss the opportunity to accelerate your success!

Richard Barbercheck, CEO of Strategic Orientation, presents actionable advice for your business. Read more about the unique circumstances business owners face with economic recovery after the COVID-19 crisis at his blog here.

COVID-19: Talent Management – Issues, Impacts and Ideas


The two biggest business challenges of the COVID-19 crisis are revenue generation and talent management. This webinar will explore the various issues associated with talent management in this environment. We’ll look at the issues, the impacts and the opportunities for successfully managing through these challenges. Some may be great interim methods, while others may bring lasting best practices to your organization.

Richard Barbercheck, CEO of Strategic Orientation, presents actionable advice for your business. Read more about the unique circumstances business owners face with talent management during the COVID-19 crisis at his blog here.

COVID-19: Drown, Swim or Surf?  A Pandemic Marketing Perspective

In this webinar Richard Barbercheck, CEO of Strategic Orientation invites Drew Dinkelacker, CEO of Marketing Accelerator to discuss comprehensive approaches to effective marketing and business development efforts to drive revenue in these challenging times.

This webinar will help you focus on your marketing and business development strategies. At this stage of the COVID-19 crisis, these are now the most important aspect of your business . You’ve dealt with the most critically impacted aspects of our business and now it’s time to get things moving again, and how to get revenue flowing again. Your actions will likely determine if you Drown Surf or Swim through the rest of these turbulent times. Join us for this dynamic discussion between two seasoned professionals.

1. Learn how to adapt your marketing in a crisis.
2. Obtain business development and marketing strategies that work.
3. Understand your Tribe and how to connect.
4. How to craft the right marketing message
5. Learn the importance of connecting all your marketing efforts.

COVID-19: 3 Critical Factors for Business Survival

This webinar will provide the answers to: “Now What?” We know we have an economic crisis to manage through, we’ve made the necessary adjustments required by “Stay at Home” and “Social Distancing,” but now we need to figure out how to operate the business for survival and success.

Richard Barbercheck, CEO of Strategic Orientation, and Andy McCreanor, CEO of Access Business Finance will present the 3 critical areas you need to focus on to sustain your business, provide guidance on accessing financial resources and answer “top of mind” questions received from business owners.

Each of the 3 Critical Areas will be presented with actionable items to get you started addressing the most important aspects of your business to position it for survival and continued success.

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“I should have begun months earlier. My organization has not only met but has already exceeded the interim goals we discussed and, this is six months in.”

Michael Huffer

Owner / Regional Developer, Apple Spice Junction

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