Business Performance Coaching

With Powerful Business-Building Tools

Performance Coaching With Powerful Business-Building Tools

Never in history have business owners needed to know more and do more to be successful. The knowledge and accountability necessary to be competitive and take performance to record heights has never been greater. As a certified FocalPoint Coach I provide 1-on-1 or group coaching for business owners, corporate teams, or independent professionals to learn and implement proven business concepts, strategies & tactics to accelerate success.


Business Coaching is about partnering with business owners and professionals and providing the navigation necessary to accelerate performance and achieve goals.

Business Coaching Waypoints

We focus on Waypoints.

A Waypoint is a reference point used for purposes of navigation, otherwise known as a landmark. Waypoints are sets of coordinates that identify a location. Coordinates or metrics that define Waypoints can vary depending on the application. 

In our business coaching process, we determine where you are, where you want to go, and what Waypoints are critical to arrive at your intended goal sooner than anticipated. Explore these five critical Waypoints considered in planning your path to enhanced business performance.

Power Through CLARITY

Before planning a path to success, one must be clear on where they are starting from and where they intend to go. In business these are evidenced in several ways. Only through Clarity will we be confident that we’ve chosen the right path. In achieving Clarity on where your business is and where you want to go, we establish a foundation upon which to build your customized plan. We’ll use Strategic Planning, Benchmarking through Behavioral and Financial Assessments, Monitoring and Measuring Points, Constraint and Limitation analysis, and other approaches to be sure we know the intended path and that we’re prepared for the journey. After all, Success is a Journey, Not a Destination.


Your journey will include improved productivity and effectiveness. We’ll focus on Increasing Productivity, Zero Based Thinking, Occam’s Razor, Delegation, the Parthenon Principle and more. One of the prime differentiators of successful people is their level of productivity. Successful people achieve more and get better results in less time than unsuccessful people. If you truly want to succeed, if you are determined
to achieve all your personal and professional goals, strive continually to increase your productivity.

Coaching helps you do just that!

GROW Your Business

In the highly competitive environment in which you operate today, there is no such thing as standing still or maintaining the status quo. You are always moving. The only question is: In what direction are you moving – forward, sideways, or backward? The prime determinant of your direction will be your ability to grow your revenues. Business growth is driven by the revenues generated in your business. Your customized coaching program will focus on revenue generating strategies driven by marketing, branding, sales, and strategic expansion.

Superstar SELLING

You can invest significant resources into marketing plans and branding, but revenue growth doesn’t occur without sales. This is the most critical waypoint along your journey. Due to the importance of sales a significant amount of coaching may be devoted to the concepts of getting more ideal prospects, solution selling, overcoming objections, closing more sales, and other techniques to drive increased sales and revenue.


Businesses that lack effective leadership are generally challenged in performance and growth. Leadership is about taking responsibility for guiding the organization in the right direction along the path towards success. That means ensuring that the vision, mission, values and purpose of the journey is clear. It also means that the path has been well planned, using strategic thinking, and can be implemented with skilled execution to ensure that the organization reaches its goals. Gain the knowledge and confidence, through coaching, to lead your team to great success.


Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels include: Strategic Business Review, DISC Profile Assessment for Primary Contact, Basic Financial Assessment, Requisite Coaching Modules, and 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions for 60-90 minutes each

Ready To Get Started?

“I should have begun months earlier. My organization has not only met but has already exceeded the interim goals we discussed and, this is six months in.”

Michael Huffer

Owner / Regional Developer, Apple Spice Junction


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