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Are you frustrated, tired, lacking business performance, or challenged with growing your business? Is your business relatively new, where you find yourself trying to manage everything? The daily responsibility of generating revenue, managing people, and restricted organizational resources can keep you working in your business rather than on your business.


These challenges can be overcome, your life can be more relaxing, more rewarding, and your business can be more profitable by focusing on the four key foundation blocks for successful businesses. Stop chasing the crisis of the day! Whether your business is new or a multi-generational family owned enterprise, focusing on these key components will drive positive results to business growth, profitability, and your work/life balance.

The Program

The Business Success Program is delivered through eight separate two hour classes providing a solid understanding of how to effectively utilize the information to positively impact your business performance. The program topics include:


Preparing for Success

  • Crystal Clear Perspectives

How big is the gap, from where you are to where you want to be?
What business are you in? Who is your ideal client?

  • Effective Leadership

What is your culture and mindset, and why do they matter?
What is your leadership style? How to use it effectively.


Planning Your Destiny

  • Comprehensive Strategic Plans

Why they’re important, how to create them, how to use them.

  • Functional Management Plans

Bringing your Strategic Plan to reality through structure and approach.


Implementing Success Strategies

  • Profit Strategies

Six key steps that any business can implement to drive significant improvement in profitability.

  • Capturing Effectiveness

Putting your plan into action, staying on course, and maintaining your momentum.


Accelerating Success

  • Team and Market Dynamics

Coaching the team and leveraging your market to accelerate and achieve greater success.

  • Transition Plans

How and when to establish a transition or succession plan.

Training - Business Growth Course

Each business participant receives an individual ninety minute Strategic Business Assessment session with Certified Business Coach, Richard Barbercheck and a TriMetrix EQ Assessment that provides valuable insight to your management style and recommendations for enhancing your communication effectiveness and interactions with others.

Participants receive a hard copy of all course materials. Throughout the course you will complete exercises that can be applied to capture immediate value for your business.

The course may be presented on-line, in-person, or both depending upon the circumstances. All classes are recorded and available to participants if their schedule conflicts with the scheduled class time.

Customize your experience by selecting the entire program, specific segments, or individual courses.

Navigational Conversations

sTRATEGIC cOACHING sKILLS delivering performance improvement

Challenged with the burden of Performance Evaluations? Find the process uncomfortable, frustrating, or ineffective? Do your employees grow and benefit from these discussions? Performance Evaluations provide minimal benefit to enhancing individual or team performance.


Effective coaching conversations enable leaders to replace this ineffective practice with regular peer level conversations. These Navigational Conversations are built around clarity, brainstorming, ownership, engagement, and accountability that leads the employee to greater achievement levels.

The Program

Navigational Conversation Training provides leaders the mindset and skills to derive improved performance and teamwork with direct report staff, leadership teams, peers, and others.  These skills are applicable to their workplace and their personal lives.

The training is provided in a highly interactive and confidential environment where participants use existing workplace challenges to learn these valuable techniques. The “Performance Evaluation” concept melts away, but performance and employee engagement are improved across all levels of the company.

Why This Program?

  • Stop “Problem Solving” for Others
  • Harness Your Staff’s Full Potential
  • Shift From Problem Solving to Leading
  • Interactive, Immediately Applicable
Training - Navigational Conversations

Who Should Attend?

  • Leaders that Develop Others
  • Senior Executives
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Newly Promoted Team Leaders
Training - Business People Shaking Hands

What To Expect

  • Stop “Problem Solving” for Others
  • Harness Your Staff’s Full Potential
  • Shift From Problem Solving to Leading
  • Interactive, Immediately Applicable
Training - Executives Giving High Fives

Keynote Presentations


Organizational Structure: What's the Big Deal?


This presentation is designed to bring clarity and tangible definition to the organizational culture of the individual participant’s business. As they become more aware of their organizational culture, and what it looks like functionally, they develop strategies for improvement or change. In doing so, the benefits of an improved culture are quantified, driving the connection between organizational culture and profit. The epiphany realized from this presentation answers the question, “Organizational Culture: What’s the Big Deal?”

Your Success Today = Your Challenge Tomorrow


We all work hard to be successful, and when we achieve success, we feel like we “got there” and “achieved the goal.” This will often lead to a relaxed focus while we enjoy the benefits of all that hard work. This may effectively be our Achilles’ heel. This presentation takes a look at the concept that our success might become our own worst enemy. It explains why this happens, how to identify the symptoms and how to manage it.

The Path Less Traveled - Expanding Viewpoints


Innovative problem solving is one of the more difficult tasks for business leaders. Why is that? Typically, we believe that success begets success, but does it? Sure, when we see a process or solution lead to the achievement of our objectives, it’s logical to repeat that solution in the hope of continuing the successful result. We’ll even borrow the solution from others to try and ensure a positive outcome. This presentation leads the participant down a thought path that we might get better results by first considering the path less traveled and expanding our viewpoints.

The Most Critical Factor for Organizational Growth


When we see high growth successful companies, we tend to view them in awe. What is it that makes the leaders of these companies successful? What drives the growth culture that seems to exist within their organizations? In this interactive presentation we explore three key factors that contribute to their success.  In doing so we identify specific characteristics for participants to utilize that will assist them in the successful growth of their business.

If You think You've Got it Tough, Stop Thinking!


When tough times hit, or frustration prevails, we know it because our stress level goes up and our performance goes down. Most of us spend an inordinate amount of time trying to explain or justify why these negative events are happening. This only leads to additional stress and ongoing struggles. This presentation provides insight into the fact that we all intuitively know the answer to the problem. These explanations and justifications are our way of avoiding the responsibility of dealing with it. It proposes that we should Stop Thinking and Start Doing!

Why Doesn't Your Business Look Like You Thought It Would?


We all start in business with an idea of what we want to achieve and when. Sometime later, we look at our business and it doesn’t look like we intended. Why not? Well, things change, priorities shift, markets evolve, revenues falter, and recessions hit. You name it; it all happens. So, what can we do about it? Sometimes these changes are extraordinarily positive. Why do anything about it? Other times they present extreme challenges. What should we do about it? This presentation explores the concept of strategic focus and navigation in business. How do you use it; how do capitalize on it?

Change Management: Resistance & Results


Change is tough, but necessary. We’re told that we need to embrace change, that it’s inevitable, and critical to our survival. But how often do we embark on the path of change only to be disappointed or frustrated with the results.  Sometimes, we don’t even get to the results before we change again, exacerbating the frustration. This potentially leads to change resistance where management and employees disengage from the change activity, and we end up with less than desirable results. This presentation addresses how to stop this vicious cycle by overcoming resistance and achieving the results we desire.

Ready To Get Started?

“I should have begun months earlier. My organization has not only met but has already exceeded the interim goals we discussed and, this is six months in.”

Michael Huffer

Owner / Regional Developer, Apple Spice Junction

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