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Strategic Orientation Specialty Services focus on specific opportunities and challenges in your business necessary for growth and long-term performance improvement. With a laser focused approach, you’re able to accelerate the implementation of strategic initiatives. Our Fractional Executive Services allow you to capitalize on our C-Suite expertise without investing in a full time executive. Consulting Engagements are generally project-based with specifically defined outcomes performed over a period of time.

Fractional Executive Services

Fractional Executive Services

Fractional Executive Services allow you to enjoy the benefits of a part-time, all in, fully responsible executive team member that is ready to hit the ground running and provide effective performance in the most important areas of your company. Your Fractional Executive will be Strategically Focused and Action Oriented to accomplish your objectives while providing the ability to course correct as needed. They will have the experience and ability to make independent decisions as appropriate and mentor or guide other team members to enhance their professional self sufficiency and value contribution to the organization. As a member of your Executive Team your Fractional Executive will align their efforts with the expectations and visions of the company CEO and /or Board of Directors.

While Strategic Orientation will customize our services to meet your needs we bring specific expertise in:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plans and Management
  • Financial Plans, Analysis, and Reporting


Typically, these are aligned with the following specialized areas.

Strategic & Business Planning

Business success requires both Long-term and Short-term planning. Developing a Strategic Plan to guide your business through the next 3 – 5 years is key to long-term success. It helps you maintain focus and provides identifiable waypoints to monitor progress or implement course corrections.

In addition, the utilization of an annual Business Plan ensures that you reach short-term organizational performance objectives by driving growth, profitability, and efficiency.

Finance & Capital Management

Tight Cash Flow challenging your day to day operations? Investment or Growth Capital falling short of your needs to achieve key objectives? Engage Richard to work with you on developing and implementing the right cash and capital management plan for your company. Having the right plan alleviates financial stress and allows you to focus on the achievement of your goals.

Banking Practices & Relationship Management

Banking relationships can dramatically impact your ability to react to the changing financial needs of your company. With 35 years of experience in commercial banking, from main street to the C-suite, Richard will work with you to establish the right banking relationship structure that enables you to access capital as you need it, maximize your return on operating cash, and pro-actively manage the banking partnership.

Risk Management

One of the most common reasons businesses fail or experience negative impacts to operations is inappropriate or ineffective Risk Management strategies. Richard’s proven system, developed and applied over 35 years in commercial banking, will allow you to identify, assess, and mitigate the known and unknown risks to your business performance or it’s very existence.

Organizational Efficiency

Sales, Operations, and Administration all need to function efficiently for you to maximize the performance of your business. When these areas are operating at inefficient levels, they become less than effective and draw upon the limited resources of the organization. Make sure all areas of your business are focused on efficiency and effectiveness to capitalize on everyone’s efforts and accelerate your success.

Team Leadership & Growth Strategies

When your company has high growth objectives, utilizing teams to orchestrate the initiatives accelerates progress towards your goal. To maximize the benefits of organizational growth you must have well developed strategies and goals, coupled with effectively executed tactical plans. Team effectiveness can be a great contributor to achieving these goals sooner. That effectiveness is based in the quality of Team Leadership. Richard not only works with you to ensure you have well developed Growth Strategies and Goals but brings proven coaching and training to team leaders and members that greatly enhances their effectiveness.

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“I should have begun months earlier. My organization has not only met but has already exceeded the interim goals we discussed and, this is six months in.”

Michael Huffer

Owner / Regional Developer, Apple Spice Junction

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