Behavioral (DISC) & Financial Assessments


The Importance of Assessments

Assessments are a fundamental part of business clarity. Its critically important that you have a strong understanding of yourself and those you rely upon for your business success. Behavioral Assessments allow you to ensure that communication and professional interactions are occurring in the most productive and efficient manner. This leads to improved performance and results. Any business strives for financial results. Understanding these results and how they impact your overall performance, the ability to grow and the opportunities for expansion is critical to achieving the financial results you’re after. Our Financial Assessments allow you to do just that.

Behavioral Style (DISC) Assessments

The Behavioral Style and Performance Assessment Suite offers the most powerful tools you can employ to build your business relationships and success. These comprehensive assessment and analytical tools provide valuable insights into behaviors and underlying motivators to help you:

  • Achieve your stated business goals through improved inter-personal communication
  • Manage business relationships in a more positive fashion
  • Enhance your staff’s business performance and increase profits, and
  • Boost sales force productivity and performance

Based on the assessment results, you and your Strategic Orientation Advisor will design a customized action plan to create a positive impact on your company’s growth and your business relationships.



The most powerful tools to drive business and give you the competitive edge.

What's your Style?

Improve your communication skills with the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) tool! Identify HOW you behave and WHY! Plus, gain insights into the behavior of others; how to adapt and be heard. We partner this foundational assessment with one that reveals your Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values (PIAV) to impact your leadership, business relationships and more.

Sales DISC & Sales Skills Index

Help your sales team reach their peak selling potential, as they understand and utilize their own behavioral styles and enhance specific skills to boost sales through more effective communications.

Team Insights

Assess an entire department or team on key behavior criteria that most effect how they work together and with the rest of your company. Identify gaps in productivity and efficiency, and general strengths and weaknesses.

360˚ Survey

A most insightful look at how you or your key people are perceived from the viewpoint of those they interact with. Personal effectiveness within each key position is crucial to the ongoing success of the organization. 360 surveys allow respondents to provide valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of another individual’s performance. The results of 360 surveys are then used to enhance and develop the individual.

Job Benchmarking

Analyze how a prospect fits with the job role or uncover potential development opportunities. Measures how a prospective or current candidate fits the role from the employee and employer perspective based on observable behavior.

Career Insights

Identify your target career or increase your own productivity. Great for professionals who are in transition.

Financial Assessments

The power of business coaching has always been about helping our clients define and close their GAPS. Determining where your business is now versus where you want or need it to be in the future. Your success is often measured on how well you can close that GAP. Whether you are trying to close the GAP between your company’s performance and the industry average or you are trying to close the GAP between your current income and what you need to retire comfortably…these tools can help.



Our Financial Assessments help our clients QUANTIFY their GAP, which in turn allows us to tangibly predict and track your progress.

Industry Benchmark Report

Financial and key performance metrics by industry code, geography and sales volume.

Comparative Benchmark Report

The Industry Benchmark Report compares your company’s data with your specific industry. This includes identifying where your company ranks and provides tips for improvement.

Narrative Benchmark Report

The comparative report converted into plain English with graphs and additional industry analysis.

Projections Report

5-10 year projections of your business based on your company’s recent past history, includes income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, industry analysis and a valuation based on cash flows.

Broker's Opinion of Value

Report used by many business brokers to determine what your business would be worth if sold to a 3rd party, using 3 different valuation methods.

Ready To Get Started?

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Owner / Regional Developer, Apple Spice Junction

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