Planning Ahead for Success

Success is seldom achieved by accident. Whether we admit it or not, we all have goals and expectations for our businesses, but if we don’t have a clear path to achieving them, they’re more of a “wish” or “hope” that they will materialize. For instance, I can have a goal, or expectation of completing the Appalachian Trail, but if I don’t proactively plan the details it’ll likely never happen. Sure, I might hike portions of the trail while on vacation and achieve part of my goal, but without intentional planning, strategically and functionally, truly achieving the goal is not likely to happen. The same is true for your business.

So, if you want to,

  • Prepare Your Business for Success in 2021, you must plan accordingly. Some businesses develop Strategic Plans, but they never materialize in the business operations throughout the year. This happens because they mistakenly believe that completing the plan is the objective. The key to successful deployment of a Strategic Plan is to have the planning process intrinsically and functionally tie the Strategic Plan into the Business Operations Plan. That’s why our Strategic Planning Program works.
  • Accelerate the Achievement of Your Goals. Once these plans are tied together management and employees know exactly what needs to be done. And as we’ve all heard before, “What gets monitored, gets done. So, we tie in the development of Dashboards to ensure your staying on top of the plan.
  • Effectively Manage Future Course Corrections. This allows you to effectively identify when course corrections are needed. The ability to identify this and react quickly allows you to ensure that you stay on course to achieving your goals, rather than seeing them fade away because challenges were encountered.
  • Increase Employee Engagement. Our Strategic Planning Program works on the concept that the process should involve all of your key management team members and anyone else that will be critical to the successful achievement of your goals. By incorporating these individuals into the planning and implementation process we ensure an increase in employee engagement. Something that we all know drives greater success.
  • Make More Money Faster in 2021. This Strategic Planning Program provides all the tools to drive greater success in your company by having a strong operational focus throughout the year, coupled with high employee engagement so that you accelerate the achievement of your goals, thereby allowing you to make more money faster than you expected.

The Strategic Planning Program provided by Strategic Orientation, LLC is a 4 part program providing the framework and tools to take advantage of all the benefits described above. With the completion of the Program you will have effectively completed a comprehensive Strategic Plan for your business. These 4 webinar sessions are being presented on Thursdays between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM (EST) and will cover the following topics.

11/12/2020: Mission, Values, Vision, SWOT
11/19/2020: Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Impacts
12/03/2020: Budgets, Dashboards, Cash Flow Projections
12/10/2020: Forecasts, Course Corrections

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