Strategic Planning

I’ve heard business owners indicate that Strategic Planning seemed like a waste of time. They mention that they can set goals and be just as effective. This mindset typically comes from a poor previous experience in the Strategic Planning process. Frustration over completing a Strategic Plan and not seeing any benefit or results from the effort is a little like completing the construction drawings for a new home and then complaining that your home never got built.

For any business to have a highly effective Strategic Plan they need to ensure that the Strategic Planning process defines the necessary characteristics that bring the plan to life throughout the daily operations of the company. That involves identifying how it affects budgets, dashboards, cash flow, forecasts, and course correction methodologies. There’s a lot that goes into the complete process that generally gets overlooked in most Strategic Planning efforts.

When that happens the company results will likely fall short of expectations. A quality Strategic Plan facilitator will ensure that all of this is incorporated into the process. If they don’t, you bought the house plans, but not the house.

At Strategic Orientation we work with management and ownership utilizing a comprehensive Strategic Planning Program that logically ties all these components together. When completed, the company has a clear path forward that includes their plan as well as the tools and methodologies to ensure the greatest opportunity for success. And in the end, they have a house, not just a set of plans.

So, if you want to,

  • Prepare Your Business for Success in 2021,
  • Accelerate the Achievement of Your Goals,
  • Effectively Manage Future Course Corrections,
  • Increase Employee Engagement, and
  • Make More Money Faster in 2021

then register and attend my upcoming Strategic Planning Workshop. This workshop is a 4 part series of 90 minute online webinars that provide instruction and tools to complete everything discussed above for your company. Attend all 4 webinars for just $249 by registering here.

If you’d rather have us facilitate this process specifically for your company, contact me at and we’ll get the process started to custom design your Strategic Planning Program.

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