It’s super exciting to be kicking off my new website! In June of 2017 I completed my FocalPoint Coaching Certification. Following certification, I set certain goals to establish and promote my practice. One of those goals was to have a Strategic Orientation Web Site that linked with my FocalPoint website. The intent was to let people know that Strategic Orientation was there to work with business owners through Coaching, Training, and Consulting, while leveraging some of the best resources in the industry such as FocalPoint Coaching and Training.

When you’re burning the candle at both ends, trying to satisfy all the demands of your business and your personal life; when you’re challenged with fast paced growth and all the resulting demands on your time and resources; when you’re trying to improve business performance but are struggling with what to do first; it’s time to work with Strategic Orientation.

I’m passionate about helping business owners succeed! And I’ll bring all my experience and resources to benefit you in achieving your business goals and objectives. But, I can’t do it alone. You must bring a willingness to do what is necessary to get the results you’re seeking.

When I’m coaching I function as your guide, bringing thought leadership to our discussions, challenging you to think through your alternatives and choose highly effective solutions. But you choose the direction, you implement your plan, you reap the rewards of success on your terms! And we get to utilize all of Brian Tracy’s proven business concepts. We don’t just satisfy your immediate needs, you benefit from the knowledge you gain through the FocalPoint program developed by Brian Tracy, a value that goes on forever.

Consulting tends to be more about bringing in a specialist to supplement your skills, knowledge, and resources. In consulting I identify your specific needs, apply experience, skills, knowledge, and research to provide you with one or more recommended solutions. This is about business owners leveraging my value to supplement their efforts and achieve very specific objectives.

When your company has a need to train staff, develop teams, or improve effectiveness I utilize state of the art training programs developed by FocalPoint and others to bring your team up to high performance standards. Training focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills that, once learned and deployed improve personal, professional, and team performance.

Whether it’s coaching, consulting, or training Strategic Orientation provides the navigation for you to achieve success on your terms. Check out my blog and sign up for my newsletter to find great insights for improving your business performance, managing your growth, making more money, and finding a great work/life balance.

Contact me with your thoughts and questions.

Thanks, Richard

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  1. Nick Dokich

    What a great article!


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